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What Can I Expect

"Welcome Home" is not just a catchy phrase- it is truly how we want you to feel the minute you walk through the doors. 

We like to think that CR is a like a home... a place where there is real life happening.  A place where we can feel safe and loved by your “Forever Family”.  A place where we can relax and know that great things are getting ready to happen.  CR is one of the most loving and accepting environments you will be a part of.  Everyone here is on the same road and though our issues may be different, we all are seeking God's truth in the same way. This is a safe environment where we can take our masks off and be who we are.


A typical Tuesday night for Celebrate Recovery at New Hope Church looks like this:



  • 7-8 pm -  Large Group Meeting in the auditorium. Our large group meeting is a time of worship, teaching on the Recovery Principals and 12 Steps, or a testimony and other program related announcements and readings. The purpose of this time is to set aside the worries and stress of the day and allow music to help us connect with God. The lessons are from the CR Participants Guides and help you understand what the program is and how to work it in your life. We alternate each lesson with a live testimony showing how the program is working in the lives of those who are fellow strugglers and how they experienced God's grace and healing. We also offer Recovery Coins for periods of recovery and make announcements.

  • 8-9 pm  - Open Share Groups are offered each week following the large group meeting. These issue and gender specific groups are designed to allow you an opportunity to share about your struggles and victories without interruptions or comments from others. Everything shared in the group stays in the group. click for CR group guidelines .  You will find the groups with their location every week in the program. We currently offer Men's and Women's Life issues groups. The Life Issues groups have a wide range of issues including anger, co-dependency, survivors of sexual abuse, food issues, grief and loss, etc.


  • 9-9:45 pm  - Cross Talk Cafe’ in the atrium. Light snacks and beverages are provided. This is a great time to fellowship, look for sponsors and network with others in recovery to build your accountability team.


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